The Tao of Biotechnology

Monday, December 12, 2005


My main emphasis, for the time being, will be at The Tao of Politics. Some problems facing the world, like bird flu, terrorism, and the Iraq War, seem to be more urgent, and seem better suited for coverage at this other site. I view this as regrettable. Biotechnology and genetic engineering are among the most important issues facing the human species, but they often get pushed off the front page by more high profile issues. I plan to continue contributing to this blog. These issues are important to me personally, but I am limited in the amount of time I have, and my time seems best spent at The Tao of Politics.


  • Just came over here from Miss Cellina's blog site. She and I seem to enjoy the same type of blogs, so. . . I thought I'd take a look around here! Enjoyed my visit! ~ jb///

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