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Monday, November 28, 2005

Needed: Modern Poultry Industry

After reading this article about farming conditions in China, one thing seems clear to me: farmers cannot continue as they have. As long as birds are raised in squalor, germs will continue to breed, and viruses will continue to kill. I don’t know what the answer is. I know the farmers depend on the income from birds for their livelihood, but in some ways I think the governments in these Asian countries should take over the raising of birds, provide them with clean conditions, segregate them from the human population, and provide the farmers with a different form of livelihood. I know I am recommending that we take a primitive people and bring them into the modern world; but the world is modern already. It is these farmers who are lagging behind. And it is they, by their primitive practices, who are creating a bird flu that threatens all mankind

There is continued discussion of creating genetically engineered chickens. This solution is fraught with problems, as this article acknowledges; whereas, if Asian governments would just take the initiative and create sanitary farms for the raising of birds, they might be starting from scratch in the creation of a modern poultry industry, but at least they wouldn’t be starting from scratch in the creation of genetically engineered chickens, the result of which no one can predict.

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