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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Irony's Not Lost

I admit, the news about Avian (bird) flu is a little unsettling, with 24 outbreaks in China, flu erupting in other parts of East Asia, Europe, Russia, even Canada, and all this at a time when our big holiday is devoted to killing and eating a large bird as a sign of thanksgiving.

We do have a lot to give thanks for. So far the bird flu is just that, restricted to transmission from bird to human only, not human to human. So far we are taking steps to protect ourselves. So far it has not gotten a foothold in America. So far we are safe.

Let us, therefore, give thanks, enjoy the holiday, and enjoy the bird. We can never know what tomorrow may bring, but today at least let’s be with family, and let’s be happy.

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For ongoing, up to date information on bird flu, go to Yahoo Bird Flu.


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